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 Permanent Christmas Lighting

"They look fantastic, hardly even noticeable during the day, and wow do they pop at night, with a clear, distinct look. Best  permanent holiday lights ever!"

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Still hanging Christmas lights?

This is the year you go permanent and never look back.

Why Everlights Permanent Holiday Lighting?

Pick from the preset patterns or design the exact colors you want for any occasion (you can control every light individually). Add a bit of Christmas cheer, set a spooky mood for Halloween, show your patriotic colors on the 4th of July and every celebration in-between. No matter what shape or size, EverLights can be installed on any home. 


The patented design is lightyears ahead of the competition. This sleek design means flawless performance and no downtime (We have less than 1% service calls, which means these are truly built to last.)  EverLights is the most customizable system available, allowing users to design one-of-a-kind sequences of up to 250 unique color/brightness combinations at a time.


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Elizabeth Fatheree, The Woodlands, TX


“Being a single Mom, I don't have the time or the help during the holidays to decorate how I want to for my kids. Having the permanent EverLights really helps make my life easier and my kids LOVE to change the colors up for all kinds of occasions."

Permanent Christmas Lights

"No more Climbing the roof! We love our EverLights!"

This is the last year you hang Christmas Lights

EverLights are permanent so you can spend more time with family.

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