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Now you can control your lights from anywhere, introducing the EverLights Network Bridge: the world’s most advanced decorative lighting controller. Plug the Network Bridge into your router and wirelessly control up to 20 different zones within a ¼ mile radius of the bridge. With the easy to use EverLights mobile app you can easily program any sequence of colors you can dream of, including fun animations. Tons of new features rolling out soon, including pattern sharing, home automation integration, and an expanded product line of controllable elements. The future is bright!

The EverLights V3 Starter Kit is everything you need to get started on your EverLights installation.


• Network Bridge
• Wireless Receiver
• Outdoor Power Supply
• Ethernet Cord
• Micro USB Plug
• Layout Tape (180')
• Drill Bits (2)
• 40 Butt Splice Heat Shrinks (10 connections worth)
• Unlit Wire (50')


Lights are sold separately


Pyro Dino makes no claim, express or implied, of a wireless connectivity guarantee. Use of this product may require maintenance, including but not limited to, re-establishing connectivity or replacing light bulbs.

Color Changing Starter Kit

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